Fly through the sky, run through the forest, dive into the water. You are the Dragon.

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Training Area

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1 Training Area on Sun Jul 31, 2011 5:19 am


Part 1

Dragons in training must start here. They must run across the field and reach the trees at the other side.
Part 2

Once at the trees, a training Dragon must fly through the forest, weaving through the trees and reach the cliff at the other side.

When a Dragon reaches the cliff, they must dive off the cliff, by the waterfall, and stop in time to glide across the water.

The Dragon must now fly across the water and land on an island, where there are wild deer on the beach.
Part 5

The Dragon must catch the deer and bring it to the nesting grounds.

Once here you may eat your deer.

(When you are finished, and your Sensei thinks you are ready, the Sensei may now post your form for Graduation!)

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